I’ve been wanting to redesign my site for a while now. The old design was looking… old, and to be honest, pretty cringe-worthy.
kto to trader
When I created the original design, I was just getting stared with WordPress, so didn’t fully understand the theme development process. I’ve certainly learnt a lot more in the last couple of years.

So, here’s the new design!

I’m more of a coder than a designer, so I decided to keep things simple and clean, with plenty of whitespace (or greyspace?). You might even call it “minimal”, possibly?

It should be pretty speedy, too. I’ve kept HTTP requests to a minimum, making use of as much CSS3 snazziness as possible.

Try it on your iPad / phone, it’s responsive too!

Anyhoo, I’m quite pleased with it, I think. It turned out to be one of those projects where you’ve been working on it for so long that you can no longer decide whether it’s brilliant, awful or somewhere in between.