This is just a bug fix release, nothing particularly exciting, I’m afraid. Here’s a quick overview of the changes:

Weird AJAX Bug
An odd bug was causing AJAX enabled calendar grids to disappear, or just get stuck loading, when navigating between months. It took me quite a while to replicate it, which was very frustrating, as several people had reported the same issue but I had no idea what was going on!

Anyway, I finally tracked down the problem. It was due to me being an idiot and not really understanding how preg_replace_callback works.

Stupid Timezones
Timezones are confusing. If I ever make another plugin, please remind me to make sure it has nothing to do with dates and times.

Hopefully, this release should fix an issue causing all-day events to continue to be displayed even after they have ended.

Tooltip Date Title Bug

In some cases, the title settings for AJAX grids were being ignored during AJAX requests. This release should fix that too. Many thanks to S. Wyatt Young for bringing my attention to this problem.

Output Sanitisation

Output sanitisation was a bit lacking in some places, but should be much improved now.

Caching Empty Feeds

Previously, the plugin did not cache feeds that returned no events. This meant that if you were displaying a list or grid of events from several feeds, one or more of which were empty, HTTP requests would be made for the empty feeds on every page load, which is slow.

Many thanks to everyone who reported the above issues, and helped with testing the fixes. It is very much appreciated!

As always, bug reports, feature requests and any other feedback can be left in the comments on the plugin homepage, or on this post.