It’s been a long time since I’ve updated Google Calendar Events. I’ve had very little time to work on the plugin lately, due to other projects that have had to take precedence.

A couple of months back, I did begin a major rewrite of the plugin, with all sorts of snazzy improvements, but it’s a long way off release worthy, or even beta worthy, at present. I’ll continue to work on it when I can, but I thought I’d better fix a couple of minor (yet annoying) bugs in the current version for the time being.

gfk pool
The fixes in 0.7.2 are as follows:

There was an issue with the “More details” Google Calendar page link. The URL wasn’t constructed correctly, which resulted in the event details defaulting to the UTC timezone. This only affected the simple display options (not the event display builder), but is fixed now.
Previously, setting the cache duration to 0 would be ignored, causing caching to still occur. Setting this to 0 should now work correctly.
With FORCE_SSL_ADMIN enabled, the plugin’s Ajax requests would fail in most cases, preventing month navigation. This shouldn’t be the case any longer.
Also, an issue brought up in the WordPress core Trac recently made me realise I’d been using the wrong method (an incorrect hook) for enqueuing the plugin CSS and JavaScript, which could potentially cause an issue with the newly released 3.3 version of WordPress. I don’t think the issue would have affected Google Calendar Events, as I had is_admin() checks in place, but better to be safe (and correct) than sorry!

Before updating, remember that if you’ve made any changes to the main plugin stylesheet (google-calendar-events/css/gce-style.css), you should take a backup first, as changes will be overwritten during the update. If you’ve used the “Custom stylsheet URL” method instead, you shouldn’t need to worry about this!

You can download the update from the plugin directory, or simply update from your WordPress admin.

Feedback, bug reports and feature requests are always welcome. You can add a comment below (or on the plugin homepage), or send me an email.