Phew, such a busy week. Work deadlines, family coming over, all sorts of stuff. I’m feeling pretty tired, but next week looks a bit quieter. Anyway, here’s another ‘Things I’ve Learned’ post.

  • Flash is a pain london escort
    I have been using Flash a lot in the past week or so and have run into several very annoying bugs. A few times, seemingly at random, it ‘forgot’ where my ActionScript class files were, even when they were in the same directory as the <code.fla< code=””>. Much yelling ensued. I didn’t ever really figure out why it happened, after a while it just worked again. Very frustrating when you have a deadline! Don’t even get me started on the Mac specific bugs and issues. Lets just say that I’m glad I don’t have to do much more Flash work for a while!</code.fla<>
  • Regular expressions
    I have been meaning to learn about regular expressions for a while now. Before, to me, they just looked like a bunch of gibberish that would take ages to learn, but actually the rules are fairly simple to get to grips with. I think they are going to come in very handy in the next stage of development of my plugin. There’s still a lot to learn, but it seems a little less insurmountable now.
  • Tax returns are complicated
    I’ve never seen so many questions I don’t know the answer to since the A-Level Physics exam.
  • I’d really like a proper internet connection
    I live in one of the only places in the UK that still can’t get a ‘proper’ broadband internet connection. I’m stuck with one of those USB mobile dongle thingies. It’s slow and unreliable and just rubbish in general. I get a little envious when I see people complaining in blogs / forums about their ‘slow’ 20Mb connections. I’m sure I spend half my time looking at loading bars moving imperceptibly rightwards.
  • I want a Mac
    I can’t afford one, I don’t need one. But still…