I find it difficult to think of good subjects on which to write blog posts. Well, often I’ll have an idea or solve a PHP problem or find a useful tool, or something of that nature and think ‘I’ll write a blog post about that later!’. But when it comes to actually writing something, I usually can’t think of enough to say to warrant / deserve of full blog post, so just give up. last minute grecja

So, in an effort to keep at least a little blogging output going, I’m going to post a ‘Things I’ve Learned’ list every once in a while. These will just be bits and bobs of information to do with work, PHP, WordPress, web design, life in general… anything really that I have discovered. Although I suspect much of it will be things I should probably already know 😛

Here we go, the first list, in no particular order:

printf() and sprintf()
I finally got around to implementing internationalization in my plugin (well, sort of, it doesn’t completely work yet) and found that these PHP functions come in rather handy for inserting runtime values into strings that need to be translated. I always knew these functions existed, but was only vaguely aware of their purpose. I imagine they will come in handy for all sorts of things.
ActionScript LocalConnection() is broken on Macs in some releases of Flash Player 10
I have spent a long time over the last week or so putting together a Flash based, multi-platform CD-ROM. I was working with some old SWFs, built using Flash 5 and ActionScript 1, so had to make use of LocalConnection() to get things communicating properly. This worked fine for a while, until I came to testing on a Mac, only to find that the version of Flash Player used in creating the Projector files appears to have a problem with LocalConnection(). What a pain! I have tried the isPerUser fix mentioned, but to no avail as yet.
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 for iPhone is awesome!
I loved THPS2 on PlayStation 1. I’d so far as to say it was my favourite PS1 game. I was a bit worried that the iPhone version would be rubbish, but so far it’s great. The controls work really well, although the accelerometer controls aren’t brilliant. My only other crtitcisms would be the soundtrack, which isn’t even remotely as good as the old one, and the lack of the skatepark builder (but I guess this may have been too fiddly to use on the iPhone).
I need some new socks
Lots of mine have holes in them.
CRB checks take a long time
My new job is in a school, so I am required to have a criminal records check before I can start work. It takes forever! It must have been 4 or 5 weeks now since it was sent off. I’m getting slightly worried that they have unearthed my axe-murdering past.
That’s it for now. More anon.